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How to reduce stress in exam?

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    As you all known exam is the very main part in the school life. All students in the are very tensed during the exam. How to answer the questioned .So do not make tense if you make tense all think will forget. If you study only little try remembering that and do not make tension. They are some simple step how to handy exam. Study every day what the teacher has teach, so it will help you store each point. If the teach teach about a main topic first she will teach about the basic things then only she will teach about the hard point. You can improve all the language same as above. Really good and creative content. I see so many children who are in a situation like this. First day she will teach basic things so study the part in same day then you feel easy she study the hard part. This is the one method that helps to score good mark. And another one is ask each doubt with you teacher and understand it well. So you will remember in the exam also .when it come exam do not study the entire thing last day of exam so you will not remember all the things. So study each day and take revision weekly. When the exam comes it will help. The main thing you need to do is take a revision before going to exam hall, and then go to exam hall. Take a deep breath then take relaxation sit freely for 5 min then take the question paper read the question slowly. Mark in paper. Which you known well and write other answer,do not make tension that will affect you mark .There are a lot of students who ask online writing services that help me good to write my paper online. In custom essay writing service get many order for essay writing most of them are school students and college student.

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