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    very fine etching and engraving bringing out beautiful and intricate designs.The variety of items made in this process is innumerable. These include, candle stands, tea sets, plants boxes coasters, jugsashtrays, wall hangings, paper knives wine coolers ice beer mugs. goblets etc.Silver filigree work is a style unique in itself. This work involves pure silver which is put through a wire drawing machine. In olden days, the silver was beaten on an anvil and elongated into long wire by passing it through a steel plate with apertures of 36 wire gauges. Two of the thinnest wires are wound around the ‘charkha’ after heating. It is then flattened again to get it as thin as the single wire originally was. It is then bent to give it different shapes.A filigree article is thus a combination of different parts pieced together nike tn 2016 .

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