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    Technical Parameters
    1, the maximum straight line force: 750kN
    2, rated straight rail force: 640kN
    3, the system rated working pressure: 52MPa
    4, working piston stroke: 70mm
    5, plunger pump diameter × travel: Φ 14 × 40
    6, no-load efficiency: 1.6mm / times
    7, the whole quality: 80kg
    8, the size of the outline: 850 × 520 × 240
    The scope of application
    YJZ-750III type hydraulic rail straight rail is on the line 75kg / m below the various types of rails to adjust the horizontal direction (or bending) of the manual hydraulic tool. The body is made of special steel welding, reliable performance, compact structure, light weight, easy disassembly.

    Working Principle:
    The machine is a one-piece hydraulic straight rail, the body of one end of the hydraulic power assembly, the other end of the eccentric hand wheel, the middle with a rail hook. Hydraulic power assembly using hand pressure pump hydraulic system.
    Work the machine on the need to straighten the upper rail. The middle of the machine rails aligned alignment point, tighten the eccentric hand wheel, and then swing the joystick, so that the hand pump suction oil, the oil tank into the tank, pushing the head out, continuous pressure can make Rail deformation. When the rail deformation to meet the requirements, you can release the working valve back, the piston will return under the action of the spring, back to the original position of the cylinder to complete the work of straightening rail. In order to prevent the oil circuit failure can not return to oil, resulting in the machine can not get down in the rear of the tank specially designed emergency return valve to ensure the safe use of the machine.Rail Straightening Device suppliers

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