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Returning Maplestory M player following a long hiatus

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    You will want to click the Friends tab, which should bring up all of your pals in Maplestory M Mesos. From that point, check the upper right side of the display and click on”Add Buddy” Just type in the person’s username and also send them a little note if you want to. On the flip side, when you have gotten a request from the friend, simply tap on the Request tab to pull up any pending invitations from MapleStory 2.

    If you recall the classic days of running home after school to hop on one of the very popular side-scrolling MMORPGs of the 2000s, then you likely were a MapleStory player. Now, you may take that experience with you on the go since MapleStory M is launching today on iOS and Android apparatus. It’s finally time to jump back in the world of MapleStory, with a diminutive version of the classic game which you could fit in your pocket.

    The franchise will even welcome MapleStory two on PC later on, with 3D graphics to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

    MapleStory M lets players head into the Maple World once again with a smattering of characters, creatures, loot searches, and a good deal of raids to take on too. Of course, there’s still lots of societal components, just in case you were concerned you wouldn’t be able to marry your pals or at the very least carry them in battle.

    Mmogo has the most game currency and items, the fastest delivery speed, welcome to!

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