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    After a few frustrating efforts in the train and also beating Shao, I have come up with a way to kill her to get Zero that should result in no death (it did for me, twice in a row,) plus a couple(somewhat obvious, but still possibly Maplestory 2 Mesos for sales helpful)tips for penalizing the train. Most of the relies on the ability “Time Holding” so if you’re too low to get this skill, this may not be as useful, but you still may find a few tips.

    Always head to the left as that is where the last car is along with the explosions you need to escape from beginning on the right. Stay on the top for so much as possible as there’s less things to block you and permit the explosions to catch up to you.When you need to go down, just jump near the edge of the top of a car and you should receive inside the next one.Don’t kill some of the monsters, just repeatedly press your potions and walk past them.Make sure you have your “Rewind” on if you’re high enough to have it. If you make a mistake and the explosions have been in opinion, utilize “Time Holding” and attempt to get as far ahead of these as you can.

    (She can teleport before you, sometimes, so if you own “Rewind” I really do recommend having it on, just in case.) When she teleports, instantly press double up-arrow onto one of those (clear, no enemies on it) above platforms. That is Maple M Mesos when you know that there’s no more any leaf bugs down below. (The leaf bugs will kill you within one hit.) Jump down and keep attacking. Repeat this until she begins spawning her giant flame spell.

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