National Canine Association

Registration Rules

Registration Rules

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Registration of Purebred Dogs

The NCA will accept for registration any purebred dog registered in good standing with any national or international registry recognized by NCA. (See Attachment A.) A copy of the respective dog’s registration will be attached to the NCA registration form and be certified by the owner when submitted to the NCA for registration on NCA Form #1 Purebred Single Dog Registration Application. (See Attachment C.) A dog that has never been registered with any NCA recognized registry is eligible for NCA registration as a purebred if:

  1. Both the sire and dam are registered with NCA,
  2. The sire or dam is registered with NCA and the other is eligible for registration with NCA by being registered with an NCA recognized registry listed in Attachment A, or
  3. Both the sire and dam are eligible for registration with NCA by being registered with an NCA recognized registry listed in Attachment A.

Copies of sire’s and/or dam’s registrations must be furnished as appropriate.

Registration of Purebred Litters

Purebred litters may be registered with the NCA utilizing the NCA Form #2 Purebred Litter Registration Application. (See Attachment C).

WHEN SIRE OR DAM OR BOTH ARE NOT REGISTERED WITH THE NCA. When the sire or dam or both are NOT registered with the NCA, a copy of the NCA recognized registry registration certificate of either or both the sire and/or dam not registered with the NCA MUST accompany the NCA Form #2 Litter Registration.

WHEN BOTH THE SIRE AND DAM ARE REGISTERED WITH THE NCA. In those cases when both the sire and dam ARE registered with the NCA, there is no need to furnish any registration certificates from any NCA recognized registry.

LIMITED REGISTRATION. The breeder of a litter, at his/her sole discretion, may declare any one or more of the litter to be eligible for “limited” registration which means the respective puppy or puppies MAY NOT BE BRED or ever registered as a sire or dam for an NCA registered litter. Dogs with “Limited” registration, however, may be shown in their respective breed classes provided it has no breed specific or general disqualification.

Registration of Purebred Rescue Dogs

The NCA has made provisions to allow for the registration of purebred rescue dogs or purebred dogs ineligible for purebred dog registration for other reasons. Use NCA Form #4 Purebred Rescue Dog Registration Application. (See Attachment C.) Many of these owners desire to register their dogs and also desire to participate in NCA events. The NCA has established a special registry for these purebred dogs. The owner must certify that the dog or bitch being registered has been spayed or neutered.

Registration of Mixed Breed Canine Companions

Mixed breed canine companion dogs MUST be neutered or spayed to be registered with the NCA. To register a mixed breed canine companion dog, use NCA Form #5 Mixed Breed Canine Companion Dog Registration Application. (See Attachment C).

Initial Registration Requirements

  1. To initially register a dog with the NCA, the owner must complete the NCA approved form. For sample registration forms, see Attachment C.
  2. Dogs eligible for registration with the NCA MUST be registered in ONE name only. In the event the dog is owned by or registered with another registry by more than one (1) individual, contracts and breeding agreements may be made between co-owners. The fact that only one (1) individual is listed as the registered owner with the NCA will in no way affect these other agreements. However, in dealing with the NCA, only the individual listed as the NCA registered owner will be recognized in all transactions with the NCA.
  3. NCA dogs will be listed only under the owner’s name on the approved NCA registration form. The owner may make any other leasing or shared ownership arrangements, as he/she desires without requiring approval by or notification to the NCA. The NCA will not enforce the terms of any private lease or shared ownership arrangement. The owner listed on the NCA registration form will have sole authority for the transfer of or any other matter requiring action between the owner and the NCA. Co-owners’ names may be used for advertising purposes as agreed to by the respective individuals.
  4. To transfer ownership, the registered owner must complete NCA Form #6 Owner Transfer Application (on reverse of NCA Official Registration Certificate) and furnish the form to the new owner. The new owner will sign and forward the form to NCA headquarters with the prescribed fee. (See Attachment C.)

Registration Number

Each dog registered with the NCA shall be given a unique registration number. The first four, (4) digits will be the year in which the dog is registered. The next two (2) digits are the Group in which the dog’s breed is assigned to at the time of registration. Current assignments of breeds to Groups are shown in Attachment B. All purebred breeds will be assigned to a Group. The remaining digits are the numbers of the dogs registered in that Group for the year. For example, a dog’s number could be 1999-02-00349. That dog would be the 349th Hound registered in 1999.

Litter registrations will utilize the same numbering system, but the Litter Registration Numbers will begin with an “L”.

Dogs’ Names and Name Restrictions

There are no restriction on dogs’ names except names will be limited to 30 characters, including spaces, and will be recorded in the NCA registry and published in catalogs at NCA events.

Owners are also requested to use good taste in the naming of their dogs. The NCA reserves the right to refuse to register any name that is in any way crude or utilizes inappropriate or prejudicial inferences. In registering dogs, owners are advised not to infringe on registered trademarks.

NCA will only remove a dog’s name alleged to infringe on a trademark upon a writ from a court of competent jurisdiction. Names thought questionable will be referred back to the owner for validation.

Kennel Names

At this time, NCA does not register kennel names, nor are we able to enforce kennel name restrictions imposed by other kennel clubs.